Rainy Days

Last week, the rain was nonstop. But one day, I didn’t know which day anymore, I cracked. I braved the gloomy, depressing weather and went out.

I didn’t go very far. I took a walk around my quarter again, but this time, I went to the opposite direction. Suddenly, I felt the day was brighter. Amazing how an hour or two outside can lift one’s mood.



Gathering Inspiration

There was a time when I lost my love for photography. I became lazy, comfortable and just unmotivated.

Now I have this goal to go out everyday for an hour or two and shoot any subject that catches my eye.

It’s like going back to the beginning. I realised that I felt awkward with my exposed camera dangling from my shoulder. What would happen if I brought a tripod with me? Anyway, baby steps.

Last 25th nov, I took my first walk with my camera in the area where I live and started taking photos. In this project, I will see my improvements yet again.