Gathering Inspiration

There was a time when I lost my love for photography. I became lazy, comfortable and just unmotivated.

Now I have this goal to go out everyday for an hour or two and shoot any subject that catches my eye.

It’s like going back to the beginning. I realised that I felt awkward with my exposed camera dangling from my shoulder. What would happen if I brought a tripod with me? Anyway, baby steps.

Last 25th nov, I took my first walk with my camera in the area where I live and started taking photos. In this project, I will see my improvements yet again.


La Nuit Blanche Paris 2013

I found myself going out last Saturday night to check out the Nuit Blanche this year. Nuit Blanche (or white night in english translation) means a night without sleep. A once a year arts festival, some museums, exhibits, and art galleries are open, free of charge.

ER4A8715 copy

Pensive mode, Pompidou museum

ER4A8719 copy

Art Installation Pompidou


Art Brut expo Hotel de Ville


4th head from the right is creepy she’s looking right at me
Art Brut expo Hotel de Ville

The Place Hotel de Ville was crowded. I actually saw a lot of teenagers dancing, playing music and hanging with their friends. The atmosphere was too much for me. I’m getting old.


Timeout Paris bus behind
Place Hotel de Ville


Place Hotel de Ville


Place Hotel de Ville

ER4A8735 copy

Making music at Place Hotel de Ville

ER4A8736 copy

She’s on top of the world

ER4A8731 copy

Hotel de Ville

We went to a bar somewhere in the Marais. This is more like it – sitting with a cold drink, speaking with my friend, nice music interesting people.

ER4A8728 copy

Bar Scene Le Marais

ER4A8726 copy

Bar Scene, Le Marais

ER4A8723 copy

Le Marais

ER4A8721 copy

Le Marais

And to end the night, we waited for the promised fireworks, but what we saw looked schlocky, but we cannot complain, the view was still beautiful.

ER4A8743 copy

Measly Fireworks, scene from Pont d’Arcole